CogBI Server: Connecting Data Sources

Welcome to the ‘Connecting Data Sources’ tutorial.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to send the results from the queries that are created in the CogBI Server to the CogBI app. The results of each individual query saved int he CogBI Server as referred as a ‘Data Source’. We strongly suggest that you go over the ‘SQL Queries‘ tutorial before this one.

Adding a CogBI Server Data Source

Once you have defined SQL queries in the CogBI Server you can connect them as Data Sources to the CogBI app in order to visualize their results in your iOS device.Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

1. Begin by opening an existing Dashboard or by creating a new one:

Tap on the 'Add' button to create a new DashboardType the name of the new Dashboard


2. Choose ‘SQL Database’ as the location of your Data Source and select the appropriate one:

Tap on 'SQL Database'Choose the appropriate query from the listReview the fields that the query will return and tap 'Done'


3. The Data Source is now ready to be used in the Dashboard! Let’s use it to create a new chart:

Tap on the 'Add' button in the toolbar Choose a chart type from the list. We'll use a Pie chart for this example. Enter the charts settings and tap 'Done'


4. A chart that displays the data provided from the Data Source has been created. You can now review the chart in more detail:

Tap the 'Lock' button to exit the Dashboard's edit mode Tap the chart to make it full screen The chart's data can now be reviewed in detail

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