CogBI Server: Dashboard Sharing

Welcome to the ‘Dashboard Sharing’ tutorial.

Dashboards are main component of CogBI Business Intelligence app. A Dashboard is group of individual pieces of visual information (charts, text & images) that are collected in a single place so that they may be accessed and reviewed easily using an iOS device. Dashboards are created on the iPad using the CogBI app by connecting your Data Sources and using the CogBI iOS apps charts and tools.

In order to create a Dashboard in the CogBI ios app a user must have permission to access at least one Data Source (SQL Query). After creating a Dashboard, the user who created (its owner) may share with other users in the company using the sharing feature in the CogBI iOS app. The owner and users with sharing privileges may also manage Dashboard Sharing using the CogBI Web Administrator.

A Dashboard can only be modified by the user who created it. Users that have Dashboards shared with them by other users cannot modify them, they can only view the Dashboards.

Dashboard Sharing

Follow the steps below to learn how to share Dashboards using the CogBI Web Administrator:

  1. Open and Log In to the CogBI Web Administrator by launching it from the CogBI Service Monitor or by typing the Host Name/IP Address that you assigned to the CogBI Server directly in a browser:

    Launch the CogBI Web Administrator Log in to the Web Administrator

  2. Click ‘Dashboards’ in the main toolbar to open the dashboard management page:

    Click on 'Dashboards'

  3. This is the ‘Dashboards’ page where you can manage how users share the Dashboards created by them in the CogBI iOS app. You will see a matrix that is composed by all of the existing users and Dashboards:

    Dashboard Sharing matrix

  4. Using this matrix a user with the Sharing Privilege will be able order to define how Dashboards are shared with users. All users that have a Dashboard checked will be able to view them in the CogBI iOS app. A Dashboard will always belong to the user that created it, this is denoted by the owner icon. Dashboard ownership cannot be modified and thus users will always have access to the Dashboards that they create. Every time that you check or uncheck box it will be surrounded by white corners that indicate that the checkbox has been modified. Check or uncheck the checkboxes in the matrix as needed and click ‘Save’ to define how the Dashboards will be shared (the corner indicators will disappear after the selection has been saved):

    Mark checkboxes as needed Dashboard Sharing has been saved!

  5. You can come back to this section at any time in order to change how Dashboards are shared.

This covers how share Dashboards using the CogBI Web Administrator. Continue learning about CogBI using the sidebar or the buttons below to navigate the support section.

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