CogBI Server: Query Permissions

Welcome to the ‘Query Permissions’ tutorial.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the CogBI Web Administrator to define the data that will be available to every user using the CogBI iOS app. You can only do this after you have added databases, queries and users to the CogBI Server. The CogBI Server will execute the queries that you have saved against the databases that you have added and the results will be available to users according to the permissions that you have defined.

Defining Query Permissions

  1. Open and Log In to the CogBI Web Administrator by launching it from the CogBI Service Monitor or by typing the Host Name/IP Address that you assigned to the CogBI Server directly in a browser:

    Launch the CogBI Web Administrator Log in to the Web Administrator

  2. Click ‘SQL Queries’ in the main toolbar to open the query management page:

    Click on 'SQL Queries'

  3. This is the ‘SQL Queries’ page where you can manage all the aspects related to the SQL queries that you use in CogBI. You will see all the queries that you have created at the top of the page and in the bottom you will the ‘Query Permissions’ section which consists of a matrix of the existing users and queries in the CogBI Server (scroll down if necessary):

    You'll find existing queries at the top Query Permissions section in the bottom

  4. In order to grant permission to a user to user a query simply check the corresponding checkbox for that user and that query. Proceed to check or uncheck all the necessary checkboxes as needed. You can also use the first checkbox in every row and every column (light-gray colored) in order to check or un uncheck all the checkboxes in the particular row or column at once. The very first checkbox, at the upper-left corner will allow you to check or uncheck all checkboxes in the matrix at once. We will check a few boxes in our example in order to grant access to each user only to the data that it needs:

    Mark checkboxes as needed

  5. Every time that you check or uncheck box it will be surrounded by white corners that indicate that the checkbox has been modified. When you are finished with your selections click on the ‘Save’ button (the corner indicators will disappear after the selection has been saved):

    The Query Permissions have been saved!

  6. You can come back to this section at any time in order to modify the permissions as needed. Every user with access to a SQL Query will be able to access its resulting data in the CogBI iOS app.

This covers the Query Permissions management in the CogBI Server. Continue learning about CogBI using the sidebar or the buttons below to navigate the support section.

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