CogBI Server: SQL Databases

Welcome to the “SQL Databases” tutorial.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add and manage SQL databases in the CogBI Server. To display your data on an iOS device the CogBI app connects to the CogBI Server using an internet connection. The CogBI Server in a lightweight application that runs on Microsoft Windows computers and that lives in your offices. The CogBI server will connect to your SQL databases and run queries against them to retrieve the data that it sends to the CogBI iOS app. The following diagram illustrates how the process works:

How data travels from your databases to the CogBI iOS app

Below you will find the necessary information on how to:

  1. Add SQL Databases to the CogBI Server.

  2. Edit SQL Databases in the CogBI Server.

  3. Delete SQL Databases from the CogBI Server.

Adding SQL Databases

  1. Open and Log In to the CogBI Web Administrator by launching it from the CogBI Service Monitor or by typing the Host Name/IP Address that you assigned to the CogBI Server directly in a browser:

    Launch the CogBI Web Administrator Log in to the Web Administrator

  2. Click on the SQL Database tab located in the main toolbar:

    Click on 'SQL Databases'

  3. Click on ‘Add Database’:

    Click on 'Add Database'

  4. Enter a nickname to identify the database you’re adding, then enter the connection string that should be used to open a connection to it and finally click on ‘Save Changes’:

    Complete & click 'Save Changes'

  5. The CogBI Server will attempt to connect to your database according following the parameters included in the connection string you entered. If successful, it will display a success message and add the newly created database connection to your database list:

    Database added successfully!

  6. Congratulations! You’ve successfully added a database to the CogBI Server and you may now start add SQL queries in order to send data to your iOS device.

Managing SQL Databases

  1. To edit on of your SQL Databases you can click on the edit button next to them:

    Click on the 'Edit Button' of the desired database

  2. Here you can change the nickname that you use for the database. You can also modify the connection string by clicking on the ‘Show Connection String’:

    Modify Nickname or Connection String

  3. For security reasons you’ll be asked to enter your password every time you wish to view or modify the connection string:

    For security purposes enter your password

  4. After entering your password you will be able to view and/or edit the connection string. After you’re finished click on the ‘Save Changes’ button if you wish to save your changes.

    Edit connection string as needed

  5. After saving your changes you’ll receive a confirmation message and and you will be returned to the database list:

    Database modified successfully!

Deleting SQL Databases

  1. To delete a database from the CogBI Server click on the ‘Edit Button’ next to the database you wish to delete:

    Click on the 'Edit Button' of the desired database

  2. Click on ‘the Delete Database’ button and confirm your action by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button in the next screen:

    Click on 'Delete Database' Confirm to delete the database

  3. You will receive a confirmation message when the database is deleted:

    Database deleted successfully!

This covers the management of SQL Databases in the CogBI Server. Continue learning about CogBI using the sidebar or the buttons below to navigate the support section.

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