CogBI Server: Public Key Fingerprint

The public key fingerprint is a short version of the pubic key of the SSL certificate installed in your CogBI server. In order to authenticate that the CogBI app is connecting to the intended CogBI server the public key fingerprints of both must match.

The following steps will show how to match the public key fingerprints of the CogBI app and the CogBI server.

  1. In the main screen, tap on the ‘Settings’ button in the lower right corner:

    Tap the Settings button

  2. Choose your account by tapping on it:

    Choose your account

  3. Enter your username and password and tap on the ‘Done’ button:

    Enter username and password

  4. The app will now display the public key fingerprint:

    The app will display the public key fingerprint

  5. The public key fingerprint in the app should match with the public key fingerprint found under the ‘Users’ section of the CogBI server:

    Verify that the fingerprints match

The identity of a CogBI server must be authenticated anytime we connect to it for the first time. The identity must be also be authenticated every time the server issues a new SSL certificate.

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