Sharing Data Sources

In CogBI a Data Source is a remote file that contains the data that is used in the app to create charts and Dashboards. The Data Source files can reside in any of the following file hosting services supported by CogBI:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Drive
  3. Box
  4. Microsoft OneDrive
  5. Self-hosted (HTTP, FTP)

CogBI can be configured to communicate with these services in the following two ways:

  1. Privately: The Data Source is accessed through a hosting account that has been linked with CogBI. This is the default setting.
  2. Publicly: The Data Source is accessed through a public link that can be accessed by anyone.

If you wish to share a Dashboard, you need to make sure that all of its Data Sources will be accessible by the users you’d like to share your Dashboards with. This can be verified by making sure that any of the following are met:

  1. The same hosting account linked to your iPad will be linked to the iPad of the users you wish to share Dashboards with.
  2. The Data Source file is shared between your account and those of the users you wish to share your Dashboards with.
  3. The Data Source file is public.

If you would like to make your Data Source file publicly available before you share a Dashboard, you can do so for certain hosting accounts under ‘Data Source Sharing Settings’ in CogBI:


For more information about sharing files with users in each of the file hosting services mentioned above please head on to their respective websites:

  1. Dropbox – How do I share folders with other people?
  2. Google Drive – How to share
  3. Box – How do I share a file link with other people?
  4. Microsoft OneDrive – Share files and folders and change permissions
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