Part V: Exporting Information

Welcome back to the ‘Introduction to CogBI’ series. In the final part of the series you will learn how to easily export information to share the insights gained by using the CogBI App with your collaborators.

Information can be exported when viewing Dashboards and full-screen charts by tapping the ‘Export’ button found in the toolbar. The exported information can be sent via email, printed via AirPrint or saved as images to the device.

Exporting Dashboards:

There are three options available when you press the ‘Export’ button in a Dashboard:

1. Exporting the complete current tab in the Dashboard.
2. Exporting all the tabs in the Dashboard.
3. Selecting and exporting individual charts in the Dashboard.

1 & 2: To export tabs (current or all) follow the steps below:

Tap the 'Export' button in the Dashboard's toolbar.Select either 'All tabs' or 'Current tab' to export accordingly.Select to email as a PDF* file or to print via AirPrint.Complete the email form and tap 'Send'.


• The ‘Email as PDF’ option will generate a 8.5″ wide document of variable height (enough to fit everything on one page but at least 11.5″ high).
• The ‘Email PDF with default page size’ will generate a A4 sized document with multiple pages.

3: To select and export individual charts follow the steps below:

Tap the 'Export' button in the Dashboard's toolbar. Select 'Individual Charts'. Tap the charts to export from the list. A checkmark will indicate selected charts. Choose how to export. We'll 'Save to camera roll' for this example.

Exporting Full Screen charts:

Follow the steps below to export full screen charts:

Tap the 'Export' button in the chart's toolbar. Select either option*.Select the printer and tap 'Print'.


• The ‘Current Drill Down Level’ option will export one image corresponding to the current view.
• The ‘All Drill Down Levels’ option will export multiple images corresponding to the current view and its parent views (only applies if you drilled down).

This concludes the ‘Introduction to CogBI’ series. We hope that you’ve gained a good understanding of what CogBI is and what it can do for you.

Please browse our Support Page to learn more about the app or, Contact Us and we’ll gladly answer with any questions.

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